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Monday, 24 April 2017

Melanie's Spring Wedding Flowers in Yellows and Blues at Rhinefield House, New Forest

Melanie's stunning tear drop bouquet in yellows and blues using lemon and yellow roses, white hyacinths, blue forget-me-not and delphinium, yellow freesias and solidago with cream lisianthus and jasmine trails. The look is classic with a twist of rustic, very natural and perfect for a Spring wedding in the New Forest. The hyacinth and freesia gave it a beautiful perfume and the lemon rose is a very aptly named variety called Blonde Beauty.

Bridesmaids carried a co-ordinating hand tied bouquets using lemon and yellow roses, white hyacinths, blue forget-me-not and delphinium, yellow freesias and solidago with cream lisianthus.

Buttonhole of lemon rose, blue forget-me-not and solid for the men.

Pretty corsage of lemon rose, lisianthus, white hyacinth pip and jasmine for the ladies.

Stunning tall table centre at Rhinefield House using lemon roses and lisianthus with yellow freesia, tanacetum and solidago with royal blue delphinium and fresh green foliages in a trumpet vase decorated inside with a stem of blue delphinium. The look is classic with with a rustic twist and the log slice on which the vases sit finishes it off perfectly

Spring table centres at Rhinefield House in yellows and blues, gorgeous for a Spring wedding

Rhinefield House all set up ready for the wedding ceremony, Lanterns with church candles
line the aisle,a long and low design decorates the ceremony table and we used 2 table centres on stone plinths to decorate the area behind. The overall effect is beautiful even if this picture doesn't exactly do it justice. The blue and yellow colour scheme is absolutely lovely for a Spring wedding.

And that just leaves me to say thank you so much Melanie for asking me to design and create your wedding flowers for you, it was an absolute pleasure working on this gorgeous scheme for you and I hope you all had the most amazing day.

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Sarah and James Classic Wedding Flowers in Whites and Greens, East Horton Golf Club

A very pretty April wedding at East Horton Golf Club featuring our new rustic floral arch, here are Sarah and James' classic but natural wedding flowers.

Sarah's bouquet, massed gypsophila with white roses and white calla lilies. The look is light, airy and very pretty.

Bridesmaids carried co-ordinating but simpler bouquets of massed white gypsophila and 
and white lisianthus. Beautiful against their navy dresses.

Groom's buttonhole of white calla lily with spires of grass and a little gyp wired into a linear design. 

The remaining men wore buttonholes of single white calla lily with simple spires of bear grass.

Our stunning wooden floral arch decorated with classic white and mint green flowers and trails of fresh green foliage. It made a beautiful spot for Sarah and James to take their vows.
The ceremony table behind is decorated with a  couple of simple vases of green and white lisianthus, roses and gypsophila to echo the design on the arch itself.

East Horton Golf Club all set up ready for the wedding ceremony. The aisle is decorated with sprigs of gypsophila, very simple and very pretty. Our floral arch decorated with roses, lisianthus, calla lilies, gypsophila and trails of foliage marks where the wedding service will take place.

Classic wooden arch decorated for Sarah and James' wedding ceremony in whites, greens and fresh mint using roses, lisianthus, calla lilies and gypsophila. After the ceremony it was moved back a couple of feet behind the top table . So if you are wondering if the arch design  is moveable the answer is yes - but not very far and depending on the venue

Close up of the floral arch flowers in  whites and greens.

Table centres were mixed vases of wedding themed flowers in whites and greens on a hired log slice with tea lights. Very pretty and they fitted the theme perfectly. These vases were first used to decorate the window ledges and the screen at East Horton for the wedding service. It is then a simple matter to move them to the tables after the ceremony.

And that just leaves me to say thank you so much Sarah and James for asking me to design and create your wedding flowers for you, I absolutely loved working on these gorgeous designs for you.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Sarah's Woodland Themed Spring Wedding Flowers at East Horton Golf Club

A beautiful March wedding at East Horton Golf Club in mauves and creams with a classic look and a woodland theme. Here are Sarah's wedding flowers.

Sarah's bouquet, a stunning mix of mauve roses, cream spray roses with seasonal lilacs 
( Syringa) and just a touch of natural foliage. Very beautiful, I was sorry to part with it !

Buttonholes of Dolcetto rose with seasonal lilac ( Syringa) 
and natural foliages for the men.

MIni corsage for the very young flower girl using cream spray rose, a touch of lilac and a little fine foliage.

Stunning bridesmaids' bouquets of cream roses and spray roses and a little seasonal lilac / Syringa.

The ceremony table at East Horton Golf Club decorated with woodland bark boxes containing a natural mix of roses, spray roses and lilacs with just a touch of fine foliage.

Rustic themed centrepiece using a lantern on log slices with mini floral designs, tea lights and ivy trails around. 

Woodland themed table centre in mauves, creams and greens using rustic log slices

Woodland / rustic themed top table at East Horton Golf Club using wooden bark pots of roses, spray roses and seasonal lilacs with a touch of foliage. Ivy trails and scattered tea lights decorating the length of the table complete the look..

Beautiful wooden bark pot of roses, spray roses, lilacs and a little foliage. Here it is used to decorate the top table but it first did duty on the ceremony table for the wedding service. 
Because when something is this pretty it is shame not to make best use of it. 

And that just leaves me to say thank you so much Sarah for asking me to design and create your wedding flowers for you, I absolutely loved working on this beautiful scheme for you.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Gemma's February Wedding Flowers in Navy,mint and whites, Skylarks Golf and Country Club

A beautiful February wedding at Skylarks Golf and Country Club in shades of Navy, mint and white, here are Gemma's wedding flowers.


Gemma's bouquet, white roses with thistles, navy centred anemones, paperwhites and mint lisianthus with trails of ivy over for a rustic twist.. It smelt amazing thanks to the paperwhites and I was sorry to part with it.

Bridesmaids carried co-ordinating bouquets of white roses, mint lisianthus, navy centred anemones and scented paperwhites with ivy trails over.

Groom buttonhole of white rose with anemone and paperwhites, natural style.

Rose and thistle buttonholes for the remaining men and simple buttonholes of thistle only for the boys.

Ladies wore pretty corsages of white rose, spray rose, spires of delicate pearls and ivy leaf

The beautiful barn at Skylarks set up for the wedding ceremony with tall lanterns lining the aisle, bay trees with fairy lights either side of the ceremony table and a beautiful long and low floral design with candles using roses, thistles, anemones, lisianthus and paperwhites for the table itself. The overall effect of all that candlelight is just beautiful.

The long and low with candles using roses, thistles, anemones, paperwhites and lisianthus.

Floral wreaths around a candle using roses, anemones, paperwhites and lisianthus made beautiful centrepieces for the wedding breakfast.

The top table was decorated using trails of ivy with tea lights and mini designs of rose, thistle, paperwhite, lisianthus and anemone dotted along the length.

Top table design rustic style using ivy trails, tea lights and mini designs of rose, thistle,lisianthus, anemone and paperwhites along the length.

And that just leaves me to say thank you so much Gemma for asking me to design and create your wedding flowers for you. I absolutely loved working on this beautiful winter flower scheme for you.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Joanna's Classic Winter Wedding Flowers in Whites and Golds, Rhinefield House

For her January wedding at Rhinefield House, Joanna chose a classic look for her flowers in beautiful shades of whites, golds and pale apricot and masses of candlelight. The end result was a very beautiful and very romantic winter wedding look. And here they are; Joanna's flowers

Joanna's bouquet - a classic teardrop of massed roses, spray roses, freesia and hyacinths in whites, golds and pale peach. The hyacinth and freesia make this a gorgeously scented bouquet.

Groom's buttonhole of pale apricot rose with hyacinth pips and a touch of classic foliage.

Bridesmaids' wrist corsage of white lisianthus with hyacinth pips and pale peach spray rose on a hand made silver wire mesh bangle

The stunning fireplace at Rhinefield House decorated with a tumbling floral design using white amaryllis and hyacinths with pale apricot spray rose and lisianthus. Storm lanterns with church candles sit in amongst the tumbling flowers and the hearth is decorated with massed candles in lanterns of varying heights and sizes. The overall result is gorgeous for a winter wedding.

Candelabra flowers using white amaryllis, rich cream roses, white freesias and pale apricot - gold lisianthus

Candelabra flowers for a winter wedding at Rhinefield House in whites and golds using amaryllis, roses, freesias and lisianthus with trails of asparagus fern

A different and modern idea for the top table/ ceremony table. Groups of massed candles and tea lights with mini wedding themed pots of flowers in gold flecked votive holders.

Contemporary top table design using grouped massed candles and mini pots of flowers dotted in amongst the candles.

The mantle/fireplace flowers and lanterns  at Rhinefield House. Gorgeous for Joanna's January wedding.

And that just leaves me to say thank you so much Joanna for asking me to design and create your wedding flowers for you. It was absolute pleasure working on this gorgeous, classic winter scheme for you.

Friday, 13 January 2017

Charlotte's Vintage Inspired Autumnal Wedding Flowers, Rhinefield House, New Forest

I am a bit late in posting this one but it's so pretty it seemed a shame not to show it. So here they are, Charlotte's vintage inspired autumnal wedding flowers at Rhinefield House.

Charlotte's bouquet, a pretty mix of vintage and antique toned pink roses, autumnal snowberry, eucalyptus berry and wax flower with eupatorium and a little fern.

Buttonholes were a simple antique pink rose with eucalyptus and a touch of eupatorium.

Bridesmaids bouquets used Antique and blush pink roses with autumnal snowberry, eucalyptus berry and wax flower with eupatorium and a little fern. Beautiful for an autumn wedding in the forest.

Stunning candelabra centrepieces at Rhinefield House in autumnal, vintage pinks. We have used a mix of blush pink roses, antique pink spray roses,snowberry, eucalyptus berry, wax flower and eupatorium with a natural mix of foliages and ivy trails. Absolutely beautiful for an autumn wedding at Rhinefield with it's forest setting.

The candelabra flowers were first used on stands behind the ceremony table for the service making a lovely backdrop for the wedding ceremony. 

Rhinefield all set up for the wedding breakfast with floral candelabra centrepieces but a low co-ordinating wreath design around a storm lantern for the top table - so that the sightlines were clear for the speeches.